Tuesday, October 20, 2015

When you have 48 hours to hire Tech

The tech recruiting process can be filled with crazy days. This was the case for my recruiting team and me this past week. We went from over a dozen job requisitions (req’s) to zero and then back to an entirely new set of req’s. It’s not often that we find ourselves with no req’s to fill. In fact, it’s nearly impossible, but that’s a good problem. It always seems easier to go from one req to another. It’s a constant on demand search that motivates us to keep moving. The challenge is managing what to do when you go from having a lot of req’s to having no req’s. The simple answer is workforce planning.

When there aren’t any req’s to fill it’s easy to slip into a zombie like state. If you’ve worked in the food industry or almost any job where a project was temporarily finished, on hold, or ended, you understand. It’s a feeling that something is missing or maybe it was overlooked. To begin with, as a tech recruiter taking a day off is actually not as easy as you might think. We are by nature working in the office, out of the office, “on the line”, or at a coffee shop. We listen for tech chat, here the murmurs, and we levitate over to make a connection. We do what comes naturally; we connect with tech.

I’m happy to say that it’s great to have a lot of tech savvy candidates keeping us tech recruiters in the loop. It’s also great to have so many great relationships with other recruiters; they are always happy to lend a hand. For example, this week, on that crazy filled day when we didn’t have any req’s to fill we were reaching out to more and more candidates, saying hello to our recruiting partners, and locating new tech events. By the time the new day arrived the chaos began. It seemed like every 2 hours we were getting 3 new req’s from every hiring manager we knew. From 0 to 60, so to speak, we were bombarded with req’s. And just when we thought it was getting busy we received another 3 more req’s that needed to be filled in 48 hours. Did we succeed? Absolutely! We planned for these type of opportunities. We knew what tech recruiting partners to reach out to, we were able to reach out to candidates who had contracts coming to an end and we already had an idea of what candidates were available and a great fit. We reached out, confirmed the details, and submitted each candidate to the hiring managers for consideration.

When you’re searching for your next career, contract or change of scenery keep touching base with recruiters. Get to know them and attend as many social events as you can. The time to hire in 48 hours happens more often then you could imagine. 

Author: Dr. Eduardo Diaz, helping you exceed expectations.

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