Tuesday, October 6, 2015

From Tech Resume to Tech Interview

The advancement of innovative technology is often designed and implemented by individuals working in teams who share a common goal. As many of you know, before one project is completed several other projects have already been scheduled. It’s an ever increasing process guided by technology requirements such as maintaining data security, consumer privacy, and data analytic needs. With all of the variables influencing technology development and innovation, your resume and interview presentation needs to reflect your ability and passion to contribute to the entire process and the team that develops and delivers within the allotted timelines.

The process from Tech Resume to Tech Interview is an opportunity whereby everyone involved (i.e. you, the recruiters, the hiring manager, and team members) gets to know each other. One misunderstanding in the process of a Tech Interview is that it requires several stages and several recruiters. The reality is that the Tech Interview process will vary depending on circumstances.

Your first interview could be with an IT recruiter who will ask you detailed technology questions geared at identifying your understanding of the technology requirements. Once you successfully complete the interview you could go straight to the hiring manager for consideration. On the other hand, your first interview could be with a recruiter who is contacting you to identify your needs, availability, and salary requirements. If there’s a match between both your needs and the needs of the job requisition, then your next interview could be with an IT recruiter. Occasionally, there are IT recruiters who specialize in one technology field more than another. In this instance, IT recruiters rely on team feedback from all the recruiters involved before moving you on to the next stage of interviewing with the hiring manager.

It’s important to understand that the Tech Interview process is an opportunity to share information. It’s your opportunity to ask questions beyond what’s available on a company’s website. It’s a chance learn about the culture and drive that supports the company’s mission and vision. It’s an opportunity for you to identify the challenges that exist with the company and for you to offer solutions that support solving these challenges.

Author: Dr. Eduardo Diaz, helping you exceed expectations.


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