Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Is Technology Evolving faster than we can adapt?

When I was eight years old my father expected me to know the name of all the tools, how to build a house, and how to cook a meal. His level of skill as a craftsman was so advanced that he expected all four of his sons to inherently know everything he knew. In reality it took my oldest brother the better part of his life to gain our dad’s approval. Ultimately approval came for only brief moments followed only by another expectation from an unknown origin.

However, my dad knew nothing about computers or the evolving technology that was unfolding around him. He relied on others, like my brothers and me, to show him how to program a cell phone address book. To our dad a desktop computer was just a smaller television screen that didn’t make much sense other than to watch movies in the office.

So what will it be like for me when my daughter’s generation gets older? Will technology evolve so much that the term “computers” will be just as outdated as VHS? A couple of years back my daughter’s teachers had smart boards installed in the classrooms. I remember thinking that it was just a projector with the ability to recognize hand gestures the same way a computer understands mouse movements. Then they installed 3D printers in the science room and an entirely new dynamic began to emerge. My daughter, 12 years old at the time, was learning how to use software that would empower her to imagine something, draw it out, and print it. Her and her friends could imagine almost any idea, use a computer to develop the idea, and print the idea into reality all in the same day. Instant gratification for new products was taken to an entirely new level. So what’s next? What’s beyond software upgrades, smartphones, and computers? Will the Internet be reinvented or just improved? Will technology evolve to such a degree that in a few years I will be asking my daughter to help me understand how to use it?

Author: Dr. Eduardo Diaz, helping you exceed expectations.

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