Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Tech Evolution

As many of us know technology is constantly evolving. What we use today will change in a matter of months. Even Apple with its upgrades to the iPhone is making changes several times a year as the company continues to evolve. However, once in a while we get an opportunity to witness real game changers. For example, when the flip phone was replaced by touchscreen or when head phones became wireless. Many of the changes that we see happen as a slow progress, but sometimes we are fortunate enough to witness changes that goes beyond the small steps we call upgrades.

For example, yesterday I was invited to a meeting to see first-hand the newest type of data storage system that is about to take the industry of data storage to the next level. Imagine doing away with a bunch of servers that fill up an entire building in order to store data and having the ability to house that same data in one small box. That’s what the newest data storage systems will be. It’s an evolution that could mean great news for Facebook, Google, Yahoo and other tech giants. Instead of these companies having to purchase large buildings to build in their data storage networks they could put one of these small boxes in their office closet and call it a day. Okay, maybe not in a closet because the room would need to be temperature controlled, dust free, etc…you get the idea. Anyway, since I’m not at liberty to go into details about the new data storage system at the very least I will refer you to check out www.apeirondata.com

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