Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Tech Resume: Let’s pull it all together

Over the last few months I discussed ways to develop and improve your resume presentation. Topics included Keys to a Strong Resume Summary to Body Language during a Tech Interview. 

The following highlights some of these discussions:

·         August 26, 2015 – Keys to a Strong Resume Summary
o   Your resume summary should summarize your entire resume.
o   The summary should use keywords that recruiters will see during a keyword search.
·         September 8 – Know your Audience
o   Make sure that you have the skills required to meet the needs of a job requisition.
o   Feel great about going to work, it will show in your confidence.
·         September 15 – A Tech Resume Needs More
o   Provide enough details in your resume that your technology strengths are transparent.
o   Highlight some of your accomplishments from every tech project.
·         October 6 – From Tech Resume to Tech Interview
o   Your resume needs to reflect your ability and passion to contribute.
o   Understand that it’s a process to share information.
·         October 13 – 106 Tech Interviews in 2 days
o   Searching for candidates is about finding a great fit.
o   Experience is required, but the desire to learn, adapt, and apply knowledge stands out.
·         October 21 – When you have 48 hours to hire Tech
o   Workforce planning will affect your opportunities.
o   Maintain connections with recruiters by attending social events.
·         October 28 – Body Language during a Tech Interview
o   Be aware of your body language, even if it’s a Skype interview.
o   Stay engaged in the interview and maintain eye contact.

In addition to the above recommendations for improving a resume, I evaluated resumes from candidates who were hired in the last 24 months. Using a random number generator I selected a representative sample of 10 resumes. Several important patterns emerged. 100% of the resumes included:

·         First and Last Name
·         Phone Number
·         Email Address
·         Experience
·         Education
·         Technology Skills
·         Bullet points after each job title to describe Experience
·         The average resume length was 4 pages.

As crazy as it sounds, the first and last name, phone number and email address are not always included in a resume. I made a point to check for this information to emphasize the importance of including it. As many recruiters might agree, we receive far too many resumes that do not include a method for contacting the candidate or a resume only includes an email or a phone number but not both. The easier it is for a recruiter to reach you, the better.

Author: Dr. Eduardo Diaz, helping you exceed expectations.

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