Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Networking is also Social

Recently I hosted a Technology Luncheon event in Sacramento ( www.meetup.com/technology-leaders/ ). It was geared at connecting technical talent with other IT professionals, creating opportunity to share insight and knowledge, and having a good time. As with all events, the opportunity to network and connect with the right person at the right time is always a possibility. This is exactly what transpired.

There were several hiring managers at the event. Everyone had an opportunity to interact with them, but the conversations didn't end there. After the event the hiring managers pulled me aside and brought up several names of those that sparked their curiosity. We discussed their presentation, their expressed interests and areas of opportunity. We essentially compared notes from an informal interview perspective. In the end there were several IT professionals that became the center of conversation for upcoming projects and even other IT professionals who could benefit from being connected to other recruiters that we collaborate with on an ongoing basis.

Yes, it's true that not all networking opportunities show immediate benefit, but all of them have a benefit one way or another. For example, this event may lead to career opportunities for many of the people who attended the event. For others it could help them improve their presentation (i.e. Ability to respond to future informal questions). These type of networking events could also lead to new leads and new networks that could open up areas of opportunity never considered.

Attending networking events is a way of getting your name out there. It's a way of opening doors of opportunity and letting others know that you're willing and ready. It might not always be immediately apparent of the value that networking brings to the table, but if you stop and evaluate your interactions, act on what is available, and pursue your goals, the value will present itself.

Author: Dr. Eduardo Diaz, helping you exceed expectations.

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