Tuesday, August 18, 2015

It's Important to Give Examples during an Interview

This morning I completed a client submission for one of the hiring managers. It was the standard process (i.e. source, qualify, interview, Skype interview). As I reviewed my notes from the interview I smiled at the positive outcome. It's not just the candidate who gets excited about moving forward to the next phase in the interview process, the recruiter also gets excited! It's an amazing feeling finding a candidate that is such a good fit for a job requisition. It's like having the time to enjoy that perfect latte without the pressure of running late.

When I was writing a short paragraph explaining to the hiring manager about why I would recommend this candidate I smiled to myself thinking about the caliber of talent that I was sending. I took a moment to appreciate what it was that I enjoyed so much about reading my notes taken during the interview. I realized that it was the examples that the candidate gave with each question that I asked. Each example gave a clear picture of how the candidate applied their skills to identify and solve opportunities.

That being said, I would like to say "Thank you". Thank you to the candidate who communicates clear examples. Thank you to the candidate that paints a picture of their experiences in the field. Thank you to the candidate who provides examples that give insight into the passion that drives you.

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